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Cookie Pricing


Prices are set by the dozen.

No Shipping - Local pick up in Nashua NH only

All cookies come heat sealed and stay fresh up to 3 weeks.

Cookies measure approx. 3-4 inches depending on design

The Basic - $48
One Color, One Design. This set is perfect for a 
grand opening with a simple logo or little snack grabbers at a party!
The Fun- $52
Up to 4 colors and 4 designs
This set is perfect for party favors, dessert tables, and fun treats to sure make a pop at your event. 
One dozen minimum.
The Upgrade - $58
This set allows up to 6 shapes and 6 colors 
More intricate designs, including but not limited to light hand painting, airbrushing and/or metallics.
Two dozen minimum
The Character- $62
Fillers $25
Fill your event table with cookies! To be added to The Fun or Upgrade set above, filler cookies are 2-2.5 inch mini cookies, lightly decorated with a simple shape to match your designs. 
Gender Reveal 
Hollowed out cookie filled with pink or blue icing,
Topped with a simple design. Price varies depending on design.
Available as minis or regular size. 
Minis - Starting at $45
Regular - Starting at $57
*Cookies will take at least 2 days to complete. Advance timeline and order required.
Gender reveal.jpg
Gender reveal girl.jpg
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